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Sustainable Hair Styling

Why can't hair styling be sustainable?

We believe styling can be sustainable and the Hot Donut Hair Bun(HDHB) does just that in a multiple ways: 

* HDHB – The HDHB itself is small and handy made from eco-friendly PVC unlike other more bulky plastic hair tools. There is NO electrical energy consumption so HDHB minimises electricity usage and saves your bills! 

* Packaging – All our packaging is plastic free! The HDHB comes in a re-useable box made from cardboard that helped plant a tree. Round paper instructions are included and baby pink acid free tissue paper wraps up your HDHB. Finally the box is sealed with paper tape meaning no adhesives are used. 

* Saves Time & Effort – Styling your hair shouldn’t take SO long or cost you so much effort! It should be easy! Taking care of yourself and looking good should be enjoyable and not a chore. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling good because it takes too much time. 

* Good Causes – Through your help 10% of our profits go into good causes helping out a range of communities.  

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