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With COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, right around the corner all eyes will be on sparkly Glasgow this week. Top billing in the conference agenda is sustainability. Energy efficiency is a hot topic in sustainability at the moment. Did you know household appliances are a major drain on residential electricity consumption?

As a result of the 2020 lockdown measures domestic energy consumption increased by 40% across certain European countries. Domestic electricity still unfortunately predominately comes from fossil fuels, so this means sadly there has been a huge knock-on carbon footprint/greenhouse gases emissions effect. 

The household consumer appliances that typically consume the most electricity per second are those that generate or produce heat. For example, the average hair dryer consumes 1800 Watts of electricity compared to a deep freezer that consumes 19 Watts per second. Surprising right? Such a small appliance vs such a large appliance, one would think in terms of energy consumption the opposite would be true. Thankfully for electricity bills the hair dryer isn’t left on all day like the deep freezer is! But don’t forget this wattage unfortunately does not take into account the electricity also wasted when small devices are absentmindedly left on standby. Guilty! 

But through the use of sustainably designed and energy efficient household appliances, like the Hot Donut Hair Bun, we can help cut back on this electricity drain, which can ultimately help us achieve our climate action targets. Some food for green thoughts.    

Enjoy COP26 week!

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