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We believe in Sustainable Hair

Most wanted products

Most wanted products

The Hot Donut Hair Bun is the World's first Hot Donut Hair Bun!

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All types of Hair

All types of Hair

This product can be used on many hair textures, lengths and colours

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Quality products

Quality products

The Hot Donut Hair Bun will style your hair using a gentle heat which is much better for your precious hair than other harsh styling tools

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Heated hair styling can be sustainable

We make smart, energy efficient and innovative hot hair styling tools

Once a young girl found her hair a wee bit of challenge. Growing up, this ignited a curiosity in how to achieve lovely locks. Following her passion led her into the hair industry with Madame Hair (est 2007) where over the years she keenly learned and researched more on the topic of hair.

Learning more, she could see heated hair styling does not always need to be a bad thing, for hair and the planet. What is important is the type of heat, method of application and energy efficiency. Listening closely to what customers want in a healthy hair hot styling tool Aisha Kasim envisioned a wee heated hair donut that could be mobile and easily used on the go at the gym, office….wherever.

The vision was the hot hair tool would be sustainable and produce a low/gentle heat so as to limit damage on our precious locks and the environment. Aisha invented the Hot Donut Hair Bun as a hot hair tool that could style hair in a healthy way and meet her demanding hair’s needs. Carrying out the prototyping process and manufacturing she found simply nothing else existed on the market that could perform and produce the same results the Hot Donut  does.

The Hot Donut Hair Bun is designed to make your life easier, save you time and effort in application, help reduce curling tools carbon footprint and save your energy bills.

I hope you love your Hot Donut as I do! Regardless of what other hair tools are out there I just keep on coming back to the Hot Donut Hair Bun as my hot hair tool of choice! Enjoy! 

Aisha x

About Inventor Aisha Kasim


The HDHB was created with the customer in mind, on many levels we are highly customer focused! We pride ourselves on offering high levels of customer service/support and strive to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please get in touch with Customer Support on any queries.


We have a great team of Hot Donut Hair Bun Sales Affiliates. All passionate about hair, beauty, the environment and sustainablity our affiliates are happy to help with sales enquiries. 

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