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Sustainable Hair Styling Hot Donut

Sustainable Hair Styling Tool


Works with a variety of hair textures

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Sustainable Hair Styling

Heated hair styling be more sustainable! The Hot Donut Hair Bun(HDHB) is sustainable in multiple ways:


  • Less plastic – The HDHB itself fits snugly in your hand and is made from eco-friendly PVC unlike other bulky plastic hair tools

  • Packaging – All mailer packaging is plastic free smoothly fitting in your letter box

  • Healthy Hair – Why should hot hair tools damage your hair? Unlike other hot hair tools the HDHB produces a gentle heat that is easy on your hair

  • Saves Time & Effort – With an application time of less than ten minutes styling your hair is easy and won’t take sooo long

  •  Good Causes – Through your help 10% of our profits go into good causes


See more details in the Sustainable Hair Styling section below. Get your hair yummy British Designed and Innovative Hot Donuts Hotties xo


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Low Heat Hair Styling

Sustainable HAIR STYLING

Hot Donut Hair Bun now that I've got you my hair won't be the same.....

Feel natural, be natural.

The Hot Donut Hair Bun can help breathe new life into your hair styling routine by offering a gentle hot hair tool that reduces hair loss, minimizes hair breakage and promotes hair growth. Choose a hot hair tool that sustains your precious hair!



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The Hot Donut Hair Bun is the World's first heated hair bun!

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many hair textures

All types of Hair

Mobile styling tool can be used on different hair textures, thicknesses and lengths (past shoulder length)

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Eco smart Design

giving back to mother nature

In our reduced plastic hair tool that requires no electricity, good causes and eco packaging

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